Is your pet food company, “recall ready”?

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According to the FDA Enforcement Reports, there were sixteen different pet food recalls were issued impacting a total of 68,276,254 pounds of pet food in 2021.

LexaGene’s MiQLab™ System can be applied towards the application of detection of pet food potentially containing AMR microbes.

Read our recent blog post about pet food recalls here:

Or the FDA’s latest guidance at or pet food list of current recalls and withdrawals from FDA – Recalls & Withdrawals | FDA

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LexaGene is a molecular diagnostics company that has commercialized the MiQLab System for fast and easy detection of biological contaminants, pathogens and other molecular markers.

The Value of a Filter-Based Sample Preparation Cartridge Used in a PCR Device for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of Contaminants

LexaGene’s MiQLab™ System is the only fully automated system on the market today that is equipped with a disposable filter-based sample preparation cartridge that allows for efficient processing of large volumes of sample for sensitive detection of contaminants.

Survey Says Veterinarians Have an Appetite for In-Clinic Diagnostic Technology

This spring LexaGene conducted a market research survey in conjunction with AAHA to assess the opinions of practicing veterinarians on AMR stewardship and the use of antibiotics in the treatment of companion animals.

The Dawn of the Superbugs

The most menacing of all resistant bacteria are the so called “super bugs”- strains of bacteria that are resistant to several different classes of antibiotics or multidrug resistant.

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