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LexaGene in animal hospitals

Reliable answers while the patient is still in clinic. Genetic analysis in an hour.

Imagine if instead of waiting days for culture and sensitivity test results, you could get results in just 1 hour. LexaGene’s automated LX Analyzer is designed for in-hospital use and takes < 1 min to start.  The Analyzer performs a series of genetic tests to screen for multiple pathogens and antibiotic resistance factors at once, providing the data to boost confidence in initial diagnoses and any prescribed therapies.

Veterinary diagnostic lab

Learn how Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital used
the LX Analyzer in beta testing.



LX Genetic Analyzer

LexaGene is currently developing an automated genetic analyzer, scheduled to be commercially available in Q3 2020, that rapidly screens samples for causative pathogens and antibiotic resistance factors.  At product launch, the technology will process urine and swab samples to detect and characterize urinary tract infections.

After initial product launch, LexaGene’s engineers and scientists will be validating additional sample preparation processes that enable the Analyzer to process more sample types, so that it can used for all infectious disease testing needs.

Planned sample types include:

  • Swabs (nose, ear, throat, wound, rectum)
  • Synovial fluid
  • Blood

Each new sample matrix will be accompanied by reagent panels specific to the syndrome.  LexaGene anticipates developing test for:

  • Wound infections
  • Respiratory infections (bacterial and viral)
  • Blood pathogens causing sepsis
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Tick-borne diseases



Automated, rapid testing using our LX Analyzer has significant advantages over traditional methods of testing like culture and sensitivity testing which is accurate but slow, or immuno-assay tests that are fast and less accurate. Improve your patient care and clinic workflow.


Load a raw sample and a cartridge onto the analyzer, enter sample ID, and press ‘Go’. No sample prep or skilled technician are required.

Fast results – onsite

Test onsite, process 2 samples at a time. Rapid results reducing “time-to-result” from days to about one hour.

Sensitivity and specificity

Process a significant sample volume for better, more accurate detection.  The analyzer uses real-time PCR for ultra-sensitive detection, and its high level of multiplexing allows for improved specificity.

Multiplex Syndromic Testing

Screen up to 27 genetic targets per test for pathogen identification and the presence of common drug resistance genes.


Run our validated assays or your own assays for customized testing.  Ideal for detecting novel or newly emergent pathogens.


Powerful functionality contained in a small footprint for placement in clinics.


Electronically records data for interfacing with patient records and for easy retrieval of historical data.

 Veterinary diagnostic laboratory