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LexaGene in animal hospitals

Reliable answers while the patient is still in clinic. Automated, syndromic testing in an hour.

Imagine if instead of waiting days for culture and sensitivity test results, you could easily obtain results in just 1 hour. LexaGene’s automated MiQLab™ genetic analyzer is designed for in-hospital use and takes < 1 min to initialize testing.  MiQLab provides reference laboratory quality data and is designed to be operated by any user in-clinic where samples are collected. MiQLab screens for multiple pathogens and antibiotic resistance factors at once, providing the data to boost confidence in initial diagnoses and any prescribed therapies.


Learn how Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital used the analyzer in beta testing. WATCH VIDEO.

(MiQLab is our commercial system; LX Analyzer refers to our beta technology.)

MiQLab genetic analyzer

LexaGene’s MiQLab automated genetic analyzer is scheduled to be commercially available in fall of 2020, allowing veterinary practices to rapidly screen for multiple pathogens and antibiotic resistance factors to improve patient care and clinic workflow. At product launch, the technology will process urine and swab samples to detect and characterize urinary tract infections, as well as skin and wound infections.