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Strategic Relationships

LexaGene is leveraging its strategic relationships to realize the company’s vision and technology.

Boston Engineering
Boston Engineering

Boston Engineering specializes in solving complex engineering challenges for medical devices and laboratory instrumentation clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to enterprising startups and government.

LexaGene partnered with Boston Engineering to develop the alpha prototype and to assist in accelerating the product to market. In addition, Boston Engineering is a major shareholder.

Since 1995, the company’s multidisciplinary teams have been creating devices that diagnose human illness, improve lifesaving care, and advance the surgical suite. Boston Engineering’s ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications underscore its quality management system for product design and development in medical devices and other industries. The company has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, the US Navy, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Boston Engineering provides product design and engineering consulting across the entire product development process – from concept through commercialization to improve how people work and live.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

US National security laboratory whose science and engineering are being applied to achieve breakthroughs for counterterrorism and nonproliferation, defense and intelligence, energy and environmental security.

LexaGene’s technology represents an advancement over three previously developed automated instruments that were built using ~ $20M USD in government funding at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  One of these instruments was built to detect bio-warfare agents after 9/11 and became part of the Department of Homeland Security’s BioWatch Program.  Another was used to rapidly detect eight respiratory pathogens, such as influenza and RSV.

LexaGene aims to continue an LLNL tradition of having exciting technologies developed at the Laboratory go on to become commercially successful.  Other success stories include:

Chromosome Painting

  • Commercialized by Vysis in the 1980’s
  • Vysis acquired by Abbott Laboratories in 2001 for $350M USD

Rapid PCR

  • Licensed to found Cepheid in 1996
  • Purchased by Danaher for $4 Billion USD in Sept 2016

Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR)

  • Licensed to found QuantaLife in 2008
  • QuantaLife acquired by Bio-Rad Laboratories in 2011 for $162M USD