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As veterinary medicine expands, so too does the need to quickly and effectively identification of patterns and incidences of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which antibiotic treatment plan less effective.

See how easy to use the MiQLab system is to detect pathogens and other molecular markers for a wide range of point-of-need applications.  

LexaGene's MiQLab™ automated system delivers sample-to-answer insight at the point-of-need, delivering reference laboratory quality data in less time.

In this webinar, LexaGene shared data from studies performed on the MiQLab system by both LexaGene and Dr. Shelley Rankin at Penn Vet.

Review this comprehensive glossary to better understand the terminology related to antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance.

LexaGene’s veterinary diagnostic technology, MiQLab™, equips veterinarians to take better care of their patients by providing a correct diagnosis, faster, and minimizing unsuccessful treatment pathways.

Understand the core principles, goals, and practices of antimicrobial stewardship employed by veterinarians for better patient outcomes, reduced microbial resistance, and decreased spread of infection.
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