MiQLab® for Veterinary Diagnostics Sell Sheet

Diagnostic testing is an essential tool in veterinary medicine. Traditionally, testing is either carried out at the point-of-care using rapid and frequently inaccurate testing or samples are sent out to a reference lab. While the option of choosing between speed and accuracy is available, they have historically been mutually exclusive. PCR testing provides accurate results within hours but generally requires specialized personnel and support equipment.

MiQLab for Veterinary Diagnostics brings reference lab quality testing to the
point of care enabling detection of multiple pathogens from a single sample.

MiQLab System for Veterinary Diagnostics

On any given day, pet owners across the country take their beloved companion animals to the vet for a number of routine office visits such as stomach/GI issues, skin infections, pain, ear infections, or urinary tract infections. All with the anticipated hope of a vet providing an effective treatment plan so their fur-family member feels better.

As veterinary medicine expands, so too does the need to quickly and effectively identification of patterns and incidences of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to mitigate bacteria resistance thus making an antibiotic treatment plan less effective.

MiQLab brings reference laboratory quality data to the point-of-need where samples are collected—to quickly detect multiple pathogens at once with sensitivity and specificity—and return results in ~2 hours. MiQLab is an automated, multiplexing PCR-based system designed for syndromic testing in veterinary diagnostics, and other markets that need critical answers in less time.

Rapid Screening

~2 hour turnaround time enables immediate targeted antibiotic therapy while minimizing the spread of infection.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Ability to detect up to 27 pathogens and antimicrobial markers from a single sample reduces the risk of relapse and return visits to vet clinics.

Easy to Use

Intuitive UI design and integrated sample preparation reduces the hands-on time to <1 min as well as the need for specialized personnel.

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MiQLab for Veterinary Diagnostics Sell Sheet