MiQLab for Rapid Response to Novel Biothreats

A Significant Public Threat

At more than 3.5 million deaths worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the need for better preparedness against biothreats. Reducing the impact of the next pandemic or bioterrorism event will require an innovative and proactive approach by health and safety officials.

Early and Rapid Response Needed

Timing is critical upon the exposure of unknown biothreat agents as patients may not present any symptoms until days later. Accurately identifying a specific biological agent—naturally occurring or bioengineered—soon after the onset of first symptoms is critical to curtailing a rapid and widespread outbreak. LexaGene’s MiQLab™ System, a TRL-7 technology, drastically shortens the time gap between novel pathogen identification and point-of-need testing through its open-access feature. In the event of an emergent deadly pathogen, effective usage of this unique feature will maximize containment efforts and minimize the impact the pathogen might have on public health, welfare, and economic stability.

Effective Biodefense Platform at the Local Level

LexaGene’s MiQLab System is a rapid, easy to use, detection system that provides decentralized, reference laboratory-quality results with the capability of screening for up to 27 Level A, B, and C agents from a single sample. Ideally suited for rapid deployment within the Local Response Network (LRN) laboratories, MiQLab does not require specialized personnel, laboratory space, or sample preparation. Its open-access feature enables local assay distribution within weeks to make possible expedited results for multiple threats at the point-of-need.

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