A sample-in-answer-out instrument for the detection of multiple respiratory pathogens in unprepared nasopharyngeal swab samples

Multiplex RT-PCR suspension array assays provide a powerful tool for identifying the causative agent(s) of respiratory infections. These assays are time consuming and laborious on a time-per-sample basis if only a few samples require processing. To address this shortcoming and provide an automated solution for fast detection and identification of viral pathogens, we developed the…

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BioWatch in a Box

BioWatch, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) environmental monitoring program, has been successfully operating in many of the nation’s urban centers since early 2003. This early warning environmental monitoring system can detect trace amounts of biological materials in the air, and has been used to provide information to assist public health experts determine whether…

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Autonomous Detection of Aerosolized Biological Agents by Multiplexed Immunoassay with Polymerase Chain Reaction Confirmation

Benjamin J. Hindson,† Mary T. McBride,† Anthony J. Makarewicz,† Bruce D. Henderer,† Ujwal S. Setlur,† Sally M. Smith,† Dora M. Gutierrez,† Thomas R. Metz,† Shanavaz L. Nasarabadi,† Kodumudi S. Venkateswaran,† Stephen W. Farrow,‡ Bill W. Colston, Jr.,† and John M. Dzenitis*,† The autonomous pathogen detection system (APDS) is an automated, podium-sized instrument that continuously monitors…

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APDS: the Autonomous Pathogen Detection System

Benjamin J. Hindson, Anthony J. Makarewicz, Ujwal S. Setlur, Bruce D. Henderer, Mary T. McBride, John M. Dzenitis∗ We have developed and tested a fully autonomous pathogen detection system (APDS) capable of continuously monitoring the environment for airborne biological threat agents. The system was developed to provide early warning to civilians in the event of…

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