MiQLab Automated, rapid and sensitive pathogen detection

qPCR for Multiple Applications

MiQLab brings reference laboratory quality data to the point-of-need where samples are collected—to quickly detect multiple pathogens at once with sensitivity and specificity—and return results in ~2 hours.


MiQLab is an automated, multiplexing PCR-based system designed for syndromic testing in human clinical diagnostics and veterinary diagnostics, as well as food safety testing, and open-access custom testing markets that need critical answers in less time.

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MiQLab is an automated, open-access molecular diagnostic system allowing users to test for multiple pathogens onsite, returning results in ~2 hours.

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  • Multiplex qPCR molecular diagnostics
  • ~ 2 hours turnaround time to answer
  • Up to 27 targets
  • Less than 1 minute sample prep time

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  • Veterinary – Bacterial and AMR Test V2
  • Bioprocessing – Microbial QC C1
  • Open Access – Contact LexaGene for more information

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Samples are loaded with less than one minute of hands-on time onto the system with a single-use disposable sample preparation cartridge, allowing the user to simply press ‘Run Test’ to initiate sample processing for walk-away testing.

The MiQLab system draws each liquid sample into a sample preparation cartridge, where microbes are concentrated and lysed before their genetic material is purified.

The system then pulls the purified genomic material from inside the cartridge into the system’s microfluidics where a series of real-time PCR reaction mixtures are assembled, highly multiplex qPCR reactions are amplified, and the results are analyzed.

A total of 10 reactions are assembled, the first of which is a negative control, so the operator has confidence in the results. The remaining 9 four-plex real-time PCR reactions each have an internal process control to confirm sample preparation worked and the fluidics merged the reaction mixtures successfully.

MiQLab tests for 27 targets at once and delivers results in approximately 2 hours. The system can report results electronically to a mobile device, computer, or record keeping system.

Rapid Testing, Multiple Applications

LexaGene’s point-of-use, automated rapid pathogen detection technology is used for testing in veterinary diagnostics, bioprocessing, food safety, and human clinical applications.

Veterinary Diagnostics

Veterinary Diagnostics

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