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Food Safety Automation

Dr. Jack Regan shares insights with Food Engineering Magazine about new technology available to help automate food safety testing and pathogen control.

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Pandemic byline in Hospital & Healthcare

What would happen in the event of a deadly new strain of influenza? Dr. Jack Regan discusses the importance of open-access diagnostics in pandemic prevention. Read his byline in Hospital & Healthcare Management.

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Cleanroom Technology

LexaGene was featured recently in Cleanroom Technology where we spoke about LexaGene’s mission to make it as simple and easy as possible for people to detect pathogens.

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Medgadet interview

Medgadget talks to CEO Dr. Jack Regan about LexaGene’s LX6 Rapid Pathogen Detection System.

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Food Quality and Safety byline

Much needed innovation in food safety testing is within sight . . . Read Dr. Jack Regan’s byline in Food Quality and Safety.

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Food Quality News

CEO Jack Regan discusses LexaGene’s approach to food safety and plans over the next 6-10 months in Food Quality News.

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LexaGene in Food Engineering News

Food industry news magazine Food Engineering featured LexaGene in a recent article, interviewing Dr. Jack Regan about LexaGene’s rapid-testing technology.

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USA Weekly profile

Dr. Jack Regan discusses LexaGene, his passion for the company, the biggest business challenge, and what advice he would give his younger self in this profile in USA Weekly.

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Roundtable: Frontline Genomics

LexaGene’s CEO Jack Regan was featured in a roundtable for Frontline Genomics Magazine on infectious disease control.

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Dr. Regan quoted on

LexaGene founder and CEO Jack Regan was featured on leading business site, where he shares his wisdom about daily habits for success.

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LexaGene on Innovations Ed Begley Jr.

LexaGene on FOX Biz TV

LexaGene was featured on Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. which aired on Fox Business Network 8/26 and 9/9, 2017. Learn more about LexaGene by watching the segment.

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