BioWorld Covergage LexaGene

LexaGene covered in BioWorld on the MiQLab’s ability to detect new variants of pathogens at point-of-care. Read more.

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Rapid POC Diagnostics in Vet Medicine

Dr. Sam Stewart, DVM from Ethos, describes the benefits of rapid POC diagnostics in veterinary medicine. Ethos will implement LexaGene‘s MiQLab to help deliver innovative evidence-based patient care. The article is from fall IVC Journal vol. 10 issue 4. Read now.  

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BioSpace Coverage on LexaGene EUA Studies

Read BioSpace’s recent coverage of LexaGene’s plans to submit for FDA Emergency Use Authorization, and how the MiQLab™ system is ideally suited to test for COVID-19 variants at point-of-care. More.    

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Outbreak News Today coverage of EUA plans

LexaGene was recently covered by Outbreak News Today on the news that LexaGene will begin in-house testing for variants of COVID-19. Read the story here.    

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Medical Technology article on LexaGene - small thumb image

LexaGene featured by Medical Technology

LexaGene’s new automated testing platform: Massachusetts-based LexaGene is preparing to launch MiQLab, the company’s flagship product, which provides automated pathogen testing in one platform.

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NEWStat Banner

Article on Penn Vet and MiQLab

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)’s NEWStat publication reviews LexaGene’s MiQLab system in a recent feature. Dr. Shelley Rankin of Penn Vet discusses the recent placement of a MiQLab under LexaGene’s Early Access Program.

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Infection Control Q&A with LexaGene

COVID Q&A with Infection Control Today

Dr. Jack Regan, LexaGene’s CEO gives his perspective on fighting COVID-19 with better diagnostics and automated PCR testing.

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LexaGene mentioned in Future Lab

LexaGene mentioned in Trends in COVID-19 Testing: Diagnostics and Serological, on Future Lab by Biocompare

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clinical swab for testing

Insights: Why Tests Fail

LexaGene CEO Dr. Jack Regan featured in Science News email update 24 April 2020. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter featuring Dr. Regan’s insights: Q&A: When the tests fail To find out why fast diagnostic tests for COVID-19 sometimes fail, Science News talked to Jack Regan, a virologist who founded LexaGene, a company based in…

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LexaGene in Forbes: Positioned to fight coronavirus pandemic

Forbes profile on LexaGene’s technology: ‘It’s hard to imagine a startup better positioned to respond to the coronavirus pandemic than Beverly, Massachusetts-based LexaGene.’

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Boston Herald logo

Dr. Regan quoted in Boston Herald

Dr. Jack Regan, CEO and Founder of LexaGene quoted in Boston Herald article on the potential resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall.

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Jack Regan in LexaGene Lab with prototype

LexaGene featured in Clinical Lab Products

LexaGene featured in Clinical Lab Products: “LexaGene responds to demand for better diagnostics for COVID-19.”

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