Rapid At-line Screening Solution

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Our MiQLab system is an automated, open-access molecular diagnostic system allowing users to test for multiple pathogens onsite, returning results in ~2 hours.

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Biologics Manufacturing

Rapid At-Line Screening Solution for Microbial Contamination Control

Gain complete control (i.e. open-access) and fully automate your testing with a highly multiplexed sample-to-answer system capable of accepting customized or the user’s own qPCR assays for improved workflow and cost savings.

Features and Benefits

Rapid Screening

~2 hour turnaround time increases overall efficiency and confidence in forward process decisions that can impact product yield, conformity, and patient safety.



Detect up to 27 targets from a single sample using a fully integrated sample-to-answer system that provides easy to interpret results.


Easy to Use

Intuitive UI design and integrated sample preparation reduces the hands-on time to <1 min while increasing consistency and accuracy of results.


Detect C. acnes Up To 36x Faster Than Conventional Methods

Cutibacterium Acnes Testing