Revolutionizing In-Clinic PCR Diagnostics

Client Testimonial

Dr. Andrew Pierce, Owner and Medical Director of Denver Animal Emergency in North Carolina, shares his experiences with using the MiQLab System in this testimonial video.

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Features and Benefits

Rapid Screening

~2 hour turnaround time enables immediate targeted antibiotic therapy while minimizing the spread of infection.


Evidence-Based Decision Making

Ability to detect up to 24 pathogens and antimicrobial markers from a single sample reduces the risk of relapse and return visits to vet clinics.


Easy to Use

Intuitive UI design and integrated sample preparation reduces the hands-on time to <1 min as well as the need for specialized personnel.


Get Started With In-Clinic PCR Testing

Veterinary Case Study

The MiQLab system was used to analyze abdominal fluid and detected genes that yielded the E. coli resistant to many beta lactam drugs and potentiated sulfonamides.

Given the MiQLab results, clinicians were able to implement a new antimicrobial therapy plan that included chloramphenicol and meropenem.

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