Human Clinical Diagnostics

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Our MiQLab® System is an automated, open-access molecular diagnostic system allowing users to test for multiple pathogens onsite, returning results in ~2 hours.

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Human Clinical Diagnostics

Point-of-Care Pathogen Detection for Patient Treatment Decisions

Obtain clinical insight in less time when critical answers matter. Rely on accurate molecular testing to improve the diagnostic and treatment process for better managed patient care.

This product is currently not cleared by the FDA and cannot be used for human clinical diagnostics.

Features and Benefits

Rapid Screening

~2 hour turnaround time enables immediate, targeted antibiotic therapy while minimizing the spread of infection.


Evidence-Based Decision Making

Ability to accurately detect multiple pathogens from a single sample at the point of care for timely patient treatment.


Easy to Use

Intuitive UI design and integrated sample preparation reduces the hands-on time to <1 min as well as the need for specialized personnel.


Full-Panel Pathogen Testing

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