Rapid Solutions for Pathogen Detection


Veterinary Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing is an essential tool in veterinary medicine. Traditionally, testing is either carried out at the point-of-care using rapid and frequently inaccurate testing or samples are sent out to a reference lab.

While the option of choosing between speed and accuracy is available, they have historically been mutually exclusive. MiQLab provides Point of Care results accurately within hours without the need for specialized personnel and support equipment.

Biologics Manufacturing

Control of microbial contamination is critical to ensuring product safety and quality. The introduction of adventitious agents such as bacteria, mycoplasma and viruses into bioprocessing can arise from several sources such as cell substrates, equipment, raw materials and operators.

Contamination events can have devastating impacts on time, money, facility resources and potentially patient health if not caught early.

BioThreat Detection

Timing is critical when responding to unknown biothreats as it may take days to present any signs or symptoms.  Accurately identifying a specific pathogen quickly is critical to curtailing a rapid and widespread outbreak.

LexaGene’s MiQLab® System drastically shortens the time gap between  pathogen identification enabling an organization to maximize containment efforts and minimize the impact on food, water, and people.

Human Clinical Diagnostics

Timely and accurate diagnostics are critical for patient treatment decisions and outcomes in acute-care settings. MiQLab, uses gold standard PCR technology can rapidly detect multiple pathogens with great sensitivity and specificity. 

Easy to use with integrated sample preparation enables quick identification of emerging novel infections, surveillance, and antimicrobial resistance markers at the point of care.