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Dr. Jack Regan, our Founder and CEO, will present at this year’s SNN Network Summer Virtual Event on Thursday, August 19th. In addition to taking live questions from investors, Dr. Regan will be available for 1-on-1 meetings during the event.

“Since launching MiQLab™, we’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth and positive momentum resulting from a number of scientific studies that have produced robust data validating our system’s efficacy,” said Dr. Jack Regan. “As we move ahead with our commercialization strategies, we continue to see great promise in the space of veterinary diagnostics, food safety, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We believe, MiQLab will change the way these industries conduct their business, for the better. I’m excited to speak to investors at this year’s SNN Network Virtual Event and share our vision for the future of molecular diagnostic testing.”

To register, visit SNN’s conference registration page.

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LexaGene develops fully automated, rapid molecular testing at the point-of-need for accurate pathogen detection in human clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, food safety, and other markets.

There is Even a Black Friday for Buying Capital Equipment

LexaGene’s MiQLab has direct benefits for veterinary clinics. Using LexaGene’s proven point-of-care diagnostics for evidence-based treatment of common bacterial infections found in companion animals may also result in cost savings.

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send PCR Testing Over

When thinking about how best to isolate a bacterium, scientists were often held to the standards of taking time to grow cultures in laboratories, a process involving days or weeks to simply prepare the sample for testing. In today’s everchanging world, LexaGene’s MiQLab™ now allows for samples to be captured at point-of-care, inserted into a cartridge, mixed with a reagent, and run through a testing system, shortening the time to result to hours instead of days.

Combating Supply Chain Woes: Decentralize Your In-Clinic Diagnostic Testing

More than ever, vet practices are looking for efficient and cost-effective methodologies to take control of these variables and manage costs.

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