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Investor Overview

LexaGene anticipates changing the pathogen detection landscape by providing a customizable sample-to-answer instrument that is more rapid and sensitive than anything available to date. Led by experienced management and accomplished scientists, LexaGene aims to transform the way pathogen testing is performed by multi-billion dollar industries such as food safety, veterinary diagnostics, water quality management, aquaculture farming, and more.

Investor Highlights

  • LexaGene’s breakthrough technology was invented by its founder, a lead scientist in developing predecessor instruments adopted by US Government for bio-warfare surveillance and supported by over $20M USD in funding
  • $40 Billion+ USD market opportunity
  • Applicable to multiple multi-billion dollar industries; including food safety testing where recent FDA changes create a market-changing opportunity
  • Breakthrough technology with R&D risk mitigated
  • Patent protected IP
  • Equity structure managed to maximize shareholder value
  • Listed on OTCQB as LXXGF and TSX.V as LXG

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LexaGene’s automated instrument quickly detects multiple pathogens with sensitivity and specificity. The platform is anticipated to transform the way food safety, aquaculture pathogen surveillance, water quality monitoring, and other markets get critical answers in less time.

Advantages include:

  • Fast results
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Screen for any pathogen
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Low cost per test
  • Compact design


Management Team

LexaGene’s experienced leadership team is driving company growth with a focus on innovation, pursuing unique market opportunities, and providing shareholder value.