EEE Virus Testing

One of LexaGene’s goals is to help improve research that benefits public health initiatives by providing automated testing to reduce manual steps and provide a quicker time-to-results.

As such, we’ve recently expanded our development to include testing for viruses including the EEE Virus. Read news.

Following the increased incidence of illness and deaths caused by the dangerous Mosquito-borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus in three states, LexaGene wishes to offer interested parties free testing of mosquitoes to determine whether they carry the EEE virus.

Sample testing will take place at LexaGene in our biosafety level-2 laboratory, which follows strict CDC bio-containment protocols. Testing will be conducted on the LX Analyzer prototype using our newly developed EEE assay.

These conditions apply:

  • This offer is open to the public, including individuals and businesses such as testing laboratories
  • Testing is free of charge, however, all interested parties are responsible for any costs associated with the shipping of mosquito samples to LexaGene’s facilities
  • There is a limit of 10 mosquitoes/client
  • Samples must be collected with the body of the mosquito reasonably intact for proper species identification
  • We recommend shipping samples on dry ice to preserve the integrity of the RNA. We recommend shipping overnight from the day of sample collection
  • Samples must be accompanied by this completed form. Download and print form here.

LexaGene reserves the right to determine which samples are tested. LexaGene may terminate this offer at any time.

*LexaGene’s LX Analyzer is currently in the beta stage of development. Tests will be conducted on our prototype technology. The assay and the LX Analyzer are still under development, and as such, any generated data should not be used to make mosquito abatement decisions.

Please send all samples, along with this completed form to:

Attention: Mosquito Testing Team
500 Cummings Center – Suite 4550
Beverly, MA