E. coli outbreak: Note from CEO

The widespread romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak has sickened 149 people across 29 states and killed one person, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control. Read a note from LexaGene’s CEO and check out his recent article in Food Safety Magazine about preventing future foodborne illness.

Note from the CEO

The recent E. coli outbreak attributed to contaminated Romaine lettuce reminds us that our food safety testing procedures need to be modernized. LexaGene aims to be the first company to provide the industry with a fully automated broad-spectrum pathogen detection instrument that is both sensitive and sufficiently low cost to spur industry-wide adoption. Please read my article in Food Quality and Safety that espouses the benefits of adding molecular testing to rapidly assess food items for a contamination risk. LexaGene is now starting to engage large food producers interested in beta testing its technology so they can see for themselves that by adopting advanced technology, they lessen the chances of these types of outbreaks occurring in the future. If interested, please contact info@lexagene.com and a company representative will get back to you.

Dr. Jack Regan, CEO LexaGene