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The Value of a Filter-Based Sample Preparation Cartridge Used in a PCR Device for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of Contaminants

LexaGene’s MiQLab™ System is the only fully automated system on the market today that is equipped with a disposable filter-based sample preparation cartridge that allows for efficient processing of large volumes of sample for sensitive detection of contaminants.

A Guide to Common Sterile Processing Contaminants

Cleanroom Technology Feb. 22 article: we will explore a handful of common bioreactors and cleanroom organisms in terms of why they are able to proliferate and persist despite thorough Quality by Design (QbD) developed methods of production.

What the Heck is a Mycoplasma and Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Them?

The global bioburden testing market for bio-pharma contamination is approximately $10B, with over 350M tests run annually. LexaGene provides early detection for mycoplasma, aiding in validating product quality for biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

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January 18, 2022
In this study, slow-growing bacterium and typical contaminant, C. acnes, was challenged for microbial detection utilizing both LexaGene’s MiQLab System and anaerobic culture.

December 1, 2021
Rapid At-Line Screening Solution for Microbial Contamination Control

November 18, 2021
With the advancement of technologies such as CRISPR and CAR-T therapies, there has been a significant increase in the development and production of biologic drugs, Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMP) and Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT).

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