LexaGene is transforming the future of pathogen detection. We seek talented and remarkable people to help us achieve that goal. We welcome applications from outstanding professionals wishing to work in a stimulating and dynamic growth organization. To apply for current positions, please send your application materials to:

Open job postings:

Senior Product Manager: We are seeking Senior Product Manager experienced in launching products for the life sciences sector.

Office-Lab Manager The Company is looking for someone who is energetic and a team player, who can spin many plates in order to make day-to-day office-lab operations run smoothly.

Director of Applications (Bioinformatics Scientist) We are looking for a results-oriented team leader who has experience managing wet-lab scientists.

Senior MM Scientist  We are seeking a molecular biologist with experience developing and qPCR master mixes.

Chemist – Sample Prep We are seeking a chemist that is very knowledgeable in the buffers required to extract and purify DNA and RNA from captured pathogens.

Bio-Medical Engineer We are seeking a microfluidic bio-engineer with extensive experience in sample preparation. Specifically, the process of capturing pathogens, followed by DNA and RNA purification.

Mechanical Engineer LexaGene is seeking a results-oriented individual who brings a high level of success in meeting challenging technical goals.

Electrical Engineer LexaGene is seeking a results-oriented electrical engineer.

Senior Grant Writer We are seeking an experienced grant writer.