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LexaGene’s beta installation at CDX cannabis testing facilities featured in Cleanroom Technology. The article describes how LexaGene is bringing better detection to the cannabis testing market.

Contamination control in cannabis production

Cannabis and hemp products frequently contain multiple bacterial and fungal pathogens that are capable of causing serious and even fatal infections. Hence, smoking, vaping or ingesting contaminated products pose a significant risk to not just immunocompromised individuals, but also to healthy consumers.

To safeguard the consumer, regulators in each US state where products are approved for consumption are now requiring testing.

It has been reported that the amount of testing is growing yearly at 12% CAGR and the value of the testing market is expected to reach $2B by 2024.

In support of this projection, in 2018, the Cannabis Industry Association reported that just 5% of the cannabis products for sale in California were tested for safety. Nearly 20% of marijuana products failed tests for potency and purity.

In Massachusetts, where very stringent regulations currently exist, investigative reports found that three of four dispensaries sold cannabis that tested positive for yeast and mould.

Dr. Jack Regan, LexaGene’s CEO and founder commented: “We’ve had many inquiries from the cannabis sector, from identifying agricultural and human pathogens, to cannabis variety verification, to human genotyping to predict response to CBD and THC. The ‘open-access’ nature of our technology will allow beta testers to use our technology for their specific purpose.”

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LexaGene is a molecular diagnostics company that has commercialized the MiQLab System for fast and easy detection of biological contaminants, pathogens and other molecular markers.

The Value of a Filter-Based Sample Preparation Cartridge Used in a PCR Device for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of Contaminants

LexaGene’s MiQLab™ System is the only fully automated system on the market today that is equipped with a disposable filter-based sample preparation cartridge that allows for efficient processing of large volumes of sample for sensitive detection of contaminants.

Survey Says Veterinarians Have an Appetite for In-Clinic Diagnostic Technology

This spring LexaGene conducted a market research survey in conjunction with AAHA to assess the opinions of practicing veterinarians on AMR stewardship and the use of antibiotics in the treatment of companion animals.

The Dawn of the Superbugs

The most menacing of all resistant bacteria are the so called “super bugs”- strains of bacteria that are resistant to several different classes of antibiotics or multidrug resistant.

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In this study, slow-growing bacterium and typical contaminant, C. acnes, was challenged for microbial detection utilizing both LexaGene’s MiQLab System and anaerobic culture.
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