Dr Eric DiBiasio

Dr Eric DiBiasio

Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Rhode Island - 6 years of laboratory experience in protein biochemistry, genetics and microbiology investigating mechanisms of dormancy and antibiotic tolerance in pathogenic bacteria using in vitro and in vivo approaches - Excellent written and oral communication demonstrated by 2 first-author publication, co-author publications and 2 invited seminars. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to manage multiple projects - Advanced-level laboratory science and biotechnology managerial, supervisory, and administrative leadership skills, with further knowledge in general business studies

Survey Says Veterinarians Have an Appetite for In-Clinic Diagnostic Technology

This spring LexaGene conducted a market research survey in conjunction with AAHA to assess the opinions of practicing veterinarians on AMR stewardship and the use of antibiotics in the treatment of companion animals.

The Dawn of the Superbugs

The most menacing of all resistant bacteria are the so called “super bugs”- strains of bacteria that are resistant to several different classes of antibiotics or multidrug resistant.

LexaGene offers North Shore Technology Council (NSTC) and Leadership Team at MassBio a tour of our Beverly Facility

Recently, we welcomed members of North Shore Technology Council and MassBio Leadership Teams into our facility at 500 Cummings Center for a full tour of our office space and laboratory spaces.