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LexaGene is a molecular diagnostics company developing a fully automated rapid pathogen detection platform for use at the point-of-need where samples are collected, which offers unprecedented ease-of-use, sensitivity, and breadth of pathogen detection. LexaGene’s flagship product, the MiQLab™ genetic analyzer, aims to transform pathogen detection in multi-billion-dollar-markets, namely human clinical diagnostics and veterinary diagnostics, as well as food safety testing, and open-access markets that need critical answers in less time.

LexaGene’s patented microfluidic system was invented by company CEO and Founder, Dr. Jack Regan, who was a lead scientist in developing a predecessor instrument designed for bio-warfare surveillance that was adopted by the Department of Homeland Security for the BioWatch Program and a second R&D instrument that was designed for detecting respiratory pathogens from nasal swab samples. The development of these instruments was supported by $20M in government funding.

LexaGene’s experienced leadership team is driving company growth with a focus on innovation, pursuing unique market opportunities, and providing shareholder value.